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Nina's London Marathon Run

My dad sadly passed away in March 2014, due to Thrombosis. As a child I told my dad I wanted to run the London marathon, now I have a ballot place, sadly he can’t be there to watch.

Jane's Windermere One Way Swim

For the second time I am aiming to swim the length of Windermere. Last year was just the achievement of finishing whereas this year has the added challenge of competing in a race.

Hollie’s Olympic Triathlon

I appreciate anyone taking the time out of their busy day to have a read through what I’m doing and why.

At the beginning of June 2018 myself and my friends received some devastating and heart breaking news. My close friend Jo had suddenly and tragically Passed away.

Let the Games Begin

If you’ve been reading my recent blog’s and social media posts, you will have seen that I have tried to up my general activity to avoid what can be a very sedentary lifestyle – see my blog on Urban Tales of the Desk Jockey.

Did you know that the typical working adult spends more time sitting down than the average pensioner !

Shaun's Gateshead 10k Trail Run for Thombosis UK

As a patient representative on the Thrombosis UK board of trustees I have witnessed first-hand the passion, expertise, and vision of the Thrombosis UK team. They are committed to education, research, first class management, and prevention of VTE (Venous Thromboembolism). I will be running with our two daughters Melanie and Ashley at the Gateshead 10K on Saturday 11th August. I am delighted to support the drive to prevent VTE affecting others.

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