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BBC Radio 4 - Inside Health

Blood Clots, Iron Supplements, Doctor's Bag

Listen to Thrombosis UK’s Medical Lead, Professor Beverley Hunt, discuss VTE and hospital acquired thrombosis (HAT) with Dr Mark Porter on BBC Radio 4 ‘s Inside Health

Over half of all blood clots are acquired during hospitalisation, particularly for surgery, so prevention is key. Deep vein thromboses - DVTs - typically occur in the veins of the leg and central to prevention is the need to assess individual risk, while taking steps like special stockings, leg massagers and anticoagulant "blood thinning" drugs to mitigate them. But there are concerns in some quarters - particularly among orthopaedic surgeons - that the drive to protect patients against clots has exposed them to risks of bleeding and that the pendulum has swung too far the other way. Three leading specialists discuss the issues. And iron deficiency, a very common problem, but what is the best way to treat it? New research from Switzerland unexpectedly suggests that giving less iron, less frequently, leads to more absorption. Plus, what's in a doctor's bag?

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