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Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to raise money for Thrombosis UK, we hope the following FAQ's will be useful. If there's any element of fundraising that you're still not sure about, please call us first so that we can give you all the advice you need to make your fundraising successful, legal and fun.

Thrombosis UK have compiled a list of questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions below:

PLEASE NOTE: Thrombosis UK have also compiled a helpful document - Tips for successful Fundraising

Do you have places for the London Marathon ?

Unfortunately we don't have any bonded places for the London Marathon and they haven't accepted applications for them for many years as demand has far outstripped supply.

We are lucky to have at least a couple of people each year running it for us, but they get their places by ballot. We apply annually for a free charity ballot place, but have yet to be lucky enough to secure one.

Where do my donations go ?

In terms of where donations are used; unless we receive a donation where the person has requested that it be earmarked for a specific project (research, PhD studentship, Student Master Classes, etc) then all the money goes into a central pot and is used to fund the many on-going projects we are involved in, plus our annual awareness campaign, National Thrombosis Week, our participation in World Thrombosis Day, printing and distribution of information leaflets, development of new leaflets, our on-going campaigns "Stop the Clots" and "Spot the Clots", purchasing fundraiser support materials, upkeep and development of the website, attending various nursing and other healthcare-related congresses to promote awareness.

Is there a minimum fundraising amount ?

Thrombosis UK do not have a minimum fundraising amount, but be aware to check your chosen event and your entry to it, as this may stipulate a minimum amount to be raised by you.

Do you provide T-Shirts ?

Anybody who opens a JustGiving or Virgin MoneyGiving page to raise money for a walking or running event can claim 1 free T-shirt. If it is a team effort, we are happy to provide T-shirts to all team members.

Further T-shirts can be purchased at a discounted rate by downloading and filling out the Thrombosis UK Fundraising Materials Order Form

How do I become a fundraiser ?

Becoming a fundraiser for Thrombosis UK could not be easier, simply follow our 'Getting Started' guide.

Alternatively, if you do not want to setup a MoneyGiving or JustGiving page, you can fill in and return our Fundraiser Registration Form.

Thrombosis UK can then process your application and support you and any fellow fundraisers in making sure your chosen event or activity is successful.

How do I get a fundraising pack ?

You need to fill out the Thrombosis UK Fundraising Registration Form. Once the application has been approved, we will send you your pack.

Will you help promote us ?

Yes, we will add a news item, a story within the fundraising section and promote via our Social Media channels.

What fundraising materials do you supply ?

If you are participating in a walking or running event, you can claim 1 free T-shirt. If it is a team effort, we are happy to provide T-shirts to all team members.

Unfortunately Thrombosis UK cannot provide an unlimited set of fundraising materials to support all of our fantastic fundraisers.

However, we do offer a series of Fundraising materials at a greatlye discounted price. Download our Fundraising Materials Order Form for more details