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Capri Owner’s Club Calendar - In memory of Neal Everett

The Capri Owner’s Club have produced a calendar to sell on their stand at the NEC to raise money for us as one of their members, Neal Everett.

The club has meetings for members twice a month and with no inclination Neal left the club one night and collapsed on his bathroom floor.

He was such a kind and caring person and great friend who was always willing to help at different car events.

He was the loveliest person you would wish to meet, and we all miss him greatly.

They are in Hall 5 on Stand 470 at the NEC 9th – 11th November.

New study confirms healthy people aged 70yrs+ should not routinely take aspirin. Evidence shows it does not improve health and does increase risk of a major bleeds

Elderly people in good health should not take an aspirin a day, according to a major study in the US and Australia.

There are proven benefits of the drug for people after a heart attack or stroke.

But the trial found no benefit for healthy people over the age of 70, and the pills increased the risk of potentially fatal internal bleeding.

Experts described the results as very important and cautioned against self-medicating with aspirin.

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