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Dedicated to promoting AWARENESS of Thrombosis

Thrombosis remains a major cause of death in the UK yet many people have little or no understanding about the causes and effects of thrombosis, and how it can be prevented.

Every year, an estimated 20,000 people in the UK would die from a thrombosis contracted in hospital; hospital-acquired clots, if thrombosis prevention is not given.

Through promoting awareness to both public and health care professionals Thrombosis UK aims for a clearer understanding of the risk of thrombosis throughout the UK with appropriate VTE assessments being carried out and where possible prevention of thrombosis rather than management.

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Know Thrombosis [Poster] Patients Bill of Rights Questions to Ask a Healthcare Professional

Professor Beverley Hunt explains thrombosis and why everyone needs to think VTE to protect themselves, their families and friends.

Venous thromboembolism or VTE is the most common cause of hospital deaths in the UK that can be prevented

World Thrombosis Day October 13th was created in 2014 by the International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) and is a true global collaboration. Thrombosis UK is one of 175 organisations from more than 50 countries involved. To mark World Thrombosis Day we partner run the a unique educational day bringing together both healthcare professionals and public.

World Thrombosis Day is an annual event raising awareness of thrombosis.

WTD takes place every year on 13 October, the birthday of Rudolf Virchow who was a pioneer in the pathophysiology of thrombosis. Virchow developed the concept of 'thrombosis' and advanced our understanding of this condition.

Focus on Thrombosis

Raising greater awareness of the individuals who suffer from
a blood clot and the impact thrombosis has on living life.

Focus on Thrombosis was developed by Christina Perkins and Adrian Dewey to raise greater awareness of the individuals who suffer from a blood clot and the impact thrombosis has on living life, for so many of survivors.

Thrombosis can affect any one – of any age, gender, nationality, 'wellness'. All of the people photographed are VTE survivors.

Thrombosis UK would like to thank Chrissy, Adrian and all of those photographed, for so kindly giving their time and dedication in sharing their accounts to support greater awareness and understanding of thrombosis.


26yrs old

I don't let the little things affect my life anymore and try to help others see the bigger picture


51yrs old

You think you're invinvible, now with every pain you worry


26yrs old

The biggest obstacle has been accepting my new normal at an age where you think you can do anything


51yrs old

It happens to runners too, travelling, then running a marathon, then travelling whilst dehydrated


29yrs old

I suffer from survivors guilt and I hope that those that have lost their lives to blood clots want me to raise the flag for them. Awareness is key in saving lives.


36yrs old

I have a more positive outlook and a carefree attitude to life


41yrs old

It's not a visible illness. It's about living your life without thrombosis taking over


38yrs old

I was misdiagnosed twice and was lucky not to have a stroke or seizure whilst waiting for correct diagnosis. This could have left my 4 children as my carers


43yrs old

Everything has changed physically. I have to consider where I sit, where I go, how I will get out of the car, how to put my socks on


26yrs old

I suffered from anxiety for a long time after my blood clots. I feel I have come through that now and am managing it


64yrs old

I had planned to retire at 65 and travel. I now feel that has gone out of the window because it has taken away my confidence


52yrs old

My family worry that I do too much, they are always caring about me and it was a shock to them that they nearly lost me


36yrs old

I have post thrombotic syndrome, thankfully not badly. My legs ache if it's raining. My husband will ask how my legs are to gauge the weather


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Thrombosis UK are making the 'Thrombosis Through The Lens' photo canvases available for public educational and awareness displays. To find out more, including how to book an educational presentation by a member of the Thrombosis UK team, please email: